Minutes of the North Texas Documents Group May, 2012 meeting.

North Texas Documents Librarians Group

Minutes and Notes for the May 17, 2012 Meeting.

Attendees:  Thomas Lindsey, University of Texas at Arlington; Julia Stewart,  Southern Methodist University;  Brenda Mahar, University of Texas at Dallas; Charlotte Bagh, Dallas Public Library; Jenne Turner, University of North Texas

Location:  Arlington Museum of Art, West Main Street, Arlington, Texas.

What’s happening at each library

Southern Methodist University:

Julia Stewart said that the Deselect feature of the Amendment of Item Selections system at the FDLP homepage site was not working.  [This may have been related to the change in system which now allows for additional selections to be made at any time, but additions continue to become effective the first business day of October. ]

The S.M.U. Library Assistant Dean, Pat Van Zandt, is moving to East Tennessee State.

The search for Dean of Hammond Library has been suspended.  Julia is reporting to a person who has just arrived at the library.

The Dean of the Library wants a renovation project started by 2013 so that it would be a university centennial project.  The Government Documents area will be moved to another location.

A new curriculum starts at S.M.U. in Fall, 2012.  The librarians are trying to meet professors to learn about what they can do to assist faculty and students.

University of North Texas:

Jenne Turner said that Jesse Silva of the University of California at Berkeley will become the new head of government documents.  He will start in August.  The university is soliciting money for the new building addition to the current Willis Library.  There are five employees in external relations at the library, and three more employees for the rare book collection.

A U.N.T. government documents librarian is auditing 2 courses in business each semester.

Dallas Public Library:

Charlotte Bagh said that the Interim Director is moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee to become its director.  A new branch in the White Rock Lake area is the “White Rock Hills” branch.

The Dallas Public Library budget for the next fiscal year seems to be okay.  Staff cuts and mandatory furlough days for city employees started with the 2010 fiscal year budget.  There is a possibility that both will be eliminated.

One of the most heavily used areas at DPL is the “job seeker center”.  Julia  of SMU said that she thinks that the SMU library has a number of people who have given up job searching and are just hanging out.  Julie of UNT said the Willis Library has community users who may people who are turning off air conditioning at home to reduce electric power bills, and are spending the day at the library.

University of Texas at Dallas [Brenda Mahar]:

A large conversion project that is withdrawing print publications and searching for electronic links is underway.  UTD had submitted 2012 disposal list number 90 at the time of this meeting.

Acquisitions and Electronic Resources were merged.  A section of the Tech Services area will be renovated.

The library is using Voyager, but is upgrading the Alma, the next system.

A part time librarian is going to the school of undergraduate education.  Two librarians are spending some of their time at the School of Management.  [Julia of SMU said that SMU Engineering Librarians are doing something similar.]

University of Texas at Arlington [Tom Lindsey]:

An inventory of the print publications is being done by the Metadata Services department, which does cataloging and work with metadata.  All publications not found in the catalog are brought to their area, where Tom Lindsey makes decisions about what to keep and catalog, or withdraw.  Many previously unknown publications are being found.  Tom Lindsey is contacting liaison librarians and faculty members to notify them of these previously “invisible government publications”.

The group discussed the state forecast and survey that we are sending to GPO and to our regional depository libraries at Texas Tech and the Texas State Library.

Thomas Lindsey, University of Texas at Arlington Library, recorder, posted to blog lindseyt’s blog http://blog.uta.edu/~lindseyt on August 23, 2012.

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