A silly costume idea for costume events

A friend has started working at a charitable organization resale store. There are many outfits that can be purchased at great prices and used for costume parties. For ladies who remember the song titled, Devil with the Blue Dress On, a blue dress and a face mask could be a costume. As for myself, I […]

My next Project for new careers for Librarians

This list is part of my new project. I will be discussing it with people who participate in some LinkedIn discussion groups for librarians. Group members, you know how to contact me. 🙂 Packaging Materials Paint Wholesale & Mfr Painters Euipment & Supplies Paper Mfrs & Distributors Paper Products Paper Tubes & Cores Parking Lots […]

What federal employees should do during their furloughs

In September, 2009, I sent an email to syndicated columnist Jim Pawlak, author of the Career Moves column, titled “What I did on my furlough day.” I myself was not furloughed, but many employees of the city of Dallas, Texas began a series of mandatory furlough days during the city fiscal year that began September […]

Texas as Independent Nation: My Speech at a Toastmasters International Meeting

Unfortunately, I ran overtime, beyond the 7 minute, 30 second limit, and I still more to say. I chose the Ukraine as the model nation, because it is about the same size area as Texas, has a seacoast (Black Sea, we have the Gulf Coast), has other countries bordering it just as Texas has another […]

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