Texas as Independent Nation: My Speech at a Toastmasters International Meeting

Unfortunately, I ran overtime, beyond the 7 minute, 30 second limit, and I still more to say. I chose the Ukraine as the model nation, because it is about the same size area as Texas, has a seacoast (Black Sea, we have the Gulf Coast), has other countries bordering it just as Texas has another nation Mexico, and states like New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The Ukraine had and may still have military bases of another nation.
Texas would have to figure out its relations with the U.S. about Fort Bliss, Naval Station Ingleside, all the U.S.A.F. bases, and U.S. Coast Guard bases. I tabulated some of the current federal government functions, post office, copyright, patent and trademark, trade negotiations with other nations, customs, immigration, naturalization, regulation of radio and television stations, and many other things. And what do we do with all the native Texas citizens convicted of felonies or misdemeanors in the remaining 49 states and all the territories and commonwealths of the United States that are deported back to Texas? I think that there are about 2 million prisoners in U.S. correctional facilities. Texas is about 25/312 of the current U.S. population, so we would get back at least 160,000 deportees from those currently in correctional facilities. Then they would try to start deporting the rest of the Texans ever convicted of a felony but residing in the U.S.
Becoming independent in 1836 was a far less complicated project than becoming an independent nation in the 21st century.
I think a senior year undergraduate student could write a very interesting honors thesis about what happens after newly independent nations are established, and lessons to be learned for a Texas independence movement.

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