A silly costume idea for costume events

A friend has started working at a charitable organization resale store. There are many outfits that can be purchased at great prices and used for costume parties.
For ladies who remember the song titled, Devil with the Blue Dress On, a blue dress and a face mask could be a costume.
As for myself, I am costuming as “Inspector Clothesno” of the dreaded FASHION POLICE. I picked out a brown and black tartan pattern men short trouser, a blue, aquamarine, purple, and white tartan pattern shirt, a paisley print tie, and two baseball caps wearing one brim forward and the other brim backward. I am wearing black socks with my sneakers.
“Inspector Clothesno” is on an undercover police assignment as a tourist. I don’t want to have my expensive camera misplaced or stolen, so I will take along a 27 exposure disposable camera that I bought at a drugstore.
Costume cost low, and I can donate the clothing back to the store for future resale. What are your plans for a costume party costume?

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