Additional Information: Job Titles of M.L.S. holders who work outside the library industry

The job titles are modified titles that I found from web pages located in my search for M.L.S. holders working outside the library industry. ob titles of people who earned a Master of Library Science Degree, but who have jobs outside the library industry. Compiled by Thomas Lindsey 6/30/2014 Accountant Author of novels Artist B2B […]

Possible Alternative Occupations for Library Workers

This is a table of information that I have created on June 25, 2014. I will be sending information about it to some discussion lists for librarians who are seeking work or seeking ideas for new careers. Possible Alternative Occupations for People who work in libraries as a library assistant, library technician, or Librarian. Suggestions […]

Revolutionary War Locale, Battle, and Skirmish Locator

This is the newest revision of my list of places connected to the American Revolutionary War. It is far from complete. One information source that I consulted states that there are more 1,300 battles and skirmishes that took place during this war. It was in fact a global war, with conflicts underway between Great Britain […]

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