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Fall 2012

Continues ENGL 1301, but with an emphasis on advanced techniques of academic argument. Includes issue identification, independent library research, analysis and evaluation of sources, and synthesis of sources with students’ own claims, reasons, and evidence.

ENGL 1301-032 – Rhetoric and Composition I (Online)
The critical thinking about, and reading and writing of, referential/expository discourse. Introduction to inventional procedures. Writing assignments focusing on identification and development of a subject, on organization, audience analysis, style, and the revision process.
ENGL 2303-004 – Topics in Literature: The Mediation of the Environment through Language and Technology Fall 2010 This course will focus on the mediation of the environment through language and technology and how mediation, in different contexts, helps to reveal and construct the environment. Literature, films, and digital media will be used to examine issues relating to and stemming from the environment, and how narration, observation, and immersion are used in representing the environment. In the end, this course examines such questions as whether or not it is possible to “know” the environment without language and technology and whether all approaches to the environment are mediated.

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