Honors College recognizes 28 graduates at Senior Dinner

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On April 30th, the Honors College celebrated this semester’s graduates at the Senior Dinner, alongside their family, friends, and faculty mentors. The event, which was held in the University Center Bluebonnet Ballroom, recognized 48 students who successfully completed the requirements of the Honors Degree. Dr. Timothy Henry, Assistant Dean of the Honors College, presented each graduate with the Honors medallion and stole.

Dr. Omomayowa Olawoyin (Class of 2015), addressed the soon-to-be Honors alumni, reminding them to “live a little,” to “always keep the fire in our bellies,” and that “challenges are inevitable.”

This semester’s graduates will begin their careers with employers such as Lockheed Martin, Goldman Sachs, and Texas Health Resources. Some will pursue internships or co-ops with organizations such as NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Ernst & Young, and KPMG. Others will begin graduate or professional school at institutions including Carnegie Mellon University, Stanford University, McGovern Medical School, and UT Austin.

“Our Honors College graduates represent the most dedicated, highest achieving students within the University,” said Dr. Henry. “We celebrate their accomplishments, along with their families, friends, and mentors, and wish for them the brightest of future endeavors.”

Spring 2019 Honors College Graduates

Lorenzo Alba, Mechanical Engineering

Design and Construction of a Wheelchair Mounted Assistive Robotic Arm

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Panos Shiakolas


Sedra Albosstani, Biology

Characterization of the Mitochondrial UPR Regulated Serpin SRP-1

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Pellegrino


Mohammed Ali, Software Engineering

The Intelligent Problem Solver for Discrete Mathematics

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Conly


Thomas Arruda, Aerospace Engineering

Design Synthesis, Refinement, and Analysis of a Three-Surface Next-Generation Regional Jet

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dudley E. Smith


Alexis Austin, History

Revolutionary Woman or Woman of the Revolution: An Analysis of Abigail Adams

Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Narrett


Aman Bhardwaj, Information Systems

Correlation between Tutoring Hours and Letter Grades, GPA, Graduation Rates, and Class Drop Rates

Faculty Mentor: Ms. Karen Scott


Madeline Carlson, Microbiology

DivIVA Localization During SepIVA Depletion in Mycobacterium smegmatus

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cara Boutte


Joe Cloud, Computer Engineering

Dynamic Movement Primitives in Shared Human-Robot Environments

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fillia Makedon


Shiva Dheer, Information Systems

Prioritizing Information Systems Adoption: A Case Study

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jerry Hubbard


Princess Ehikhuemen, Biomedical Engineering

Continuous Monitoring of Blood Analytes

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Digant Davé


Joanna Glover, Social Work

Hospice Underutilization amongst African Americans and Latinx

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Regina Praetorius


Kira Griffiths, Accounting

The Impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) Of 2017 on International Business

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stanley Seat


Nowmi Haider, Biomedical Engineering

3D Printing of the Cancer Trap to be Tested In Vivo for Metastasis of Cancer

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Liping Tang


Meaghan Harraghy, Information Systems

Overcoming Issues of Implementing Wearable Technologies in Healthcare

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jerry Hubbard


Ian Harris, Mathematics

Study on the Flexibility of the Generalized Gamma Distribution When Applied to Model Building with Survival Data

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Suvra Pal


Joseph Herring, Mechanical Engineering

Integrated In-Wheel Powertrain Electric Vehicle Design

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Raul Fernandez


Ohimai Imoukhuede, Geology

3D Flexure Modeling of the Alberta Foreland Basin

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hyeong-Moo Shin


Amelia Jackson, Mechanical Engineering

Assistive Robotic Arms

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Panos Shiakolas


Frederic Johnson, Microbiology

Searching for Antimicrobial Peptide Genes Regulated by the Mitochondrial Unfolded Protein Response

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Pellegrino


Alexander Johnston, Electrical Engineering

Efficient Control and Monitoring of a Mobile and Compact Energy Storage Module

Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Wetz, Jr.


Regan Kubicek, Mechanical Engineering

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Using Soft Non-Grasp Manipulation

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alan Bowling


Ololade Mafimidiwo, Electrical Engineering

Wireless Sensor System for Space Utilization Optimization

Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Wetz, Jr.


Trenton McNairy, Business Management

The Importance of Developing a Sustainable Competitive Advantage for Organizations

Faculty Mentor: Mr. Jeffrey McGee


Diana Monyancha, Biology

Characterization of F420 Dependent Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase H260N Variant Using Steady-State, Pre-Steady State and Kinetic Isotope Effects Methods

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kayunta Johnson-Winters


Fiyinfoluwa (Joyce) Morenikeji, Nursing

Time to Professional Competence: Exploring Pre-Nursing Students’ Beliefs and Expectations

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Regina Urban


Juveria Muhammad, Finance

Relation between Monetary Policy Rate and Bank Performance for US and European Union from 2008 – 2018

Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Rakowski


Amber Mullenax, Social Work

Birthmothers – Services Provided Post-Adoption

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Regina Praetorius


Fariha Murshid, Biomedical Engineering

Evaluation of Flowrate-Diameter Relationships for Small-Diameter Vascular Grafts, Using a Computer-Modulated Biomechanical Testing System

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jun Liao


Vaibhavi Nagar, Accounting

Effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stanley Seat


Tiffany Nguyen, Marketing

Marketing to the Mobile Masses: A Study on App Monetization

Faculty Mentor: Mr. Lawrence Chonko


Kirsten Orobitg, Biology

Analysis of the Stress Response of Corals Exposed to White Plague Disease

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Laura Mydlarz


Rupandey Parekh, Biology

Study of Gene Function in Two Nuclear-Encoded Mitochondrial Gene Duplicates in Drosophila Melanogaster

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Esther Betrán


Son Pham, Aerospace Engineering

Designing a Synthesis Architecture for Reusable Space Access Vehicles: A Case Study of the X-33

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bernd Chudoba


Mohammad Imran Rashik, Biology

Functional Study of Two Testis-Specific Nuclear-Encoded Mitochondrial Gene Duplicates in Drosophila Melanogaster

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Esther Betrán


Macey Reed, Public Relations

No Money, No Problems: The Rise of Social Media Campaigns

Faculty Mentor: Ms. Jennifer Little


Natalie Robinson, Nursing

Reduction of Anxiety in Nursing Students During an Augmented Reality (Mixed-Reality) Dressing-Change Scenario: A Pilot Study

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deborah Behan


Joy Rong, Social Work

Exploring the Experiences of Older Chinese Immigrants and Adult Children Caregivers with Utilization of Formal Social Services and Support

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Ling Xu and Dr. Noelle Fields


Divyanshu Sharma, Computer Science

BASS – Better Advertising with Smarter Screening

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher Conly


Matthew Smith, Mechanical Engineering

Steering and Suspension Design tor an Efficient Electric Drive System

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Raul Fernandez


Warren Smith, Computer Science

Implementing Cybersecurity Framework for an Autonomous Ground Vehicle

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christopher D. McMurrough


Anica Snyman, Management

Exporting and the Effect it has on Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deepak Datta


Elida Sorto-Ramos, Aerospace Engineering

Designing a Synthesis Architecture for Reusable Space Access Vehicles: A Case Study of the DC-X

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bernd Chudoba


Chloe Thomasian, Architecture

The City as a Campus: A Case Study of Arlington, Texas

Faculty Mentor: Mr. Oswald Jenewein


Jessica Tung, Biology

Characterization of Scleractinian Coral Caspases in Comparison with Human Homologs

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Clay Clark


Alfredo Uribe, Accounting

Taxation: A Social and Economic Influence

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stanley Seat


Courtney Walther, Nursing

The Registered Nurse’s Lack of Knowledge, Practice, and Patient Teaching of Nutritional Needs

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Denise Cauble


Hannah Waterman, Music Theory

The Last Rock Star? Decoding Subversion in Marilyn Manson’s Antichrist Triptych

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Graham Hunt


Rachel Weeresinghe, Aerospace Engineering

Detailed Workings Regarding the Aerodynamic Research Center Arc-Jet’s Control Panel Instrumentation

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Luca Maddalena

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